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Deer Recovery for a Successful Hunt

Hunters never want to miss a deer or worse yet, wound a deer. Unfortunately, not every shot hits its target. When tracking a wounded deer doesn’t lead to recovery the traditional way, deer hunters can seek help from above – from a thermal camera drone. Wisco Drones is a thermal drone pilot service specializing in drone deer recovery, so bow hunters and gun deer hunters successfully harvest their deer for the meat, the horns, and the bragging rights.

Pet Search & Rescue for a Joyful Reunion

In addition to recovering wounded deer, Wisco Drones also performs search operations for pet recovery. When pets go astray, pet owners can call in a drone pilot to aid in the search. Wisco Drones flies state-of-the-art drones equipped with a 200-times zoom lens, night vision, and thermal-imagining cameras that sense body heat. 

Herd Analysis for Deer Management

A third application for drone piloting involves deer herd analysis. Land owners can monitor the deer population from the sky for conservation programs, food plot planning, hunting preparation, and wildlife damage abatement claims at https://dnr.wisconsin.gov/aid/WDACP.html. Typically, deer herd analysis occurs in the spring after the fawns are born.

Real Estate Drone Photography for Marketing

Lastly, Wisco Drones offers photography and videography services for real estate companies. The drone’s high-resolution images provide an eagle’s eye perspective of the property for sale. Used as a marketing tool, real estate drone photography highlights the layout and surroundings of a property that can’t be seen through traditional photography.

The Wisco Drones Difference

  • Fly day or night, rain or shine
  • Sense body heat and can identify and photograph deer or pets from 400 ft. 
  • Fly within a 50-mile radius of Coleman WI or Campbellsport WI
  • Offer up to two hours of flight service at $350/per search 
  • Offer competitive rates for real estate drone photography

FAA-Certified Thermal Drone Pilots

Wisco Drones is fully insured and licensed with a Federal Aviation Administration Remote Pilot Certificate also known as the Part 107 drone pilot service. Now with two locations to serve clients, Wisco Drones operates within a 50-mile radius of Coleman, Wisconsin, located in Marinette County in Northeast Wisconsin, and Campbellsport, Wisconsin, located in Fon du Lac County in East-Central Wisconsin.

Contact a Pilot

Contact Wisco Drones’ thermal drone pilot service for deer recovery, lost pet recovery, deer herd analysis, and real estate drone photography. 

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