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Wisconsin Has a New Snack Favorite

Wisco Meats Beef Jerky is a Wisconsin Original: A chewy, satisfying snack you can take anywhere

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Beef Jerky

Rich, hickory-smoked flavored beef jerky that’s a nutritional choice for snacking. Available in a variety of great flavors including maple syrup, barbeque, peppered, and spicy hot jerky.

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Meat Processing

Skinning, cutting. packaging, and sausage making for venison, bear, elk, wild boar, waterfowl, wild turkey, and other wild game. Convenient drop-off in Coleman, Wisconsin. State-certified meat cutter.

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Wisco Drones

FAA-certified drone service for deer recovery, deer herd analysis, lost pet recovery, and real estate drone photography. Available within a 50-mile radius of Coleman, WI or Campbellsport, WI.

A Wisconsin Original

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Irresistible Flavor and Convenience

Wisco Meats Beef Jerky satisfies your hunger and provides quick energy when you’re on the go. People love its rich, natural hickory-smoked flavor and chewy texture. They love how easy it is to take along on a road trip, fishing, or hunting trip, pack for work or school lunches, or grab on the way out the door. Because the jerky is shelf-stable and doesn’t require refrigeration, it’s easy to take just about anywhere. 

Small Batch Freshness

We craft our beef jerky from the whole cut of meat, giving it a leathery texture that you can’t get with jerky that’s ground and formed. To maintain freshness and high quality, we mix our jerky in small batches – no mass production – and ship the jerky just days after it’s made. Available in a variety of savory flavors, Wisco Meats Beef Jerky satisfies any craving. We combine simple, nutritious, and flavorful ingredients into a hearty, mess-proof food that’s ready to eat.

Looking for something to munch on? 

Reach for a piece of Wisco Meats beef jerky. 

Your body will thank you.

Beyond Jerky: Wild Game Meat Processing

In addition to making irresistible jerky, Wisco Meats also processes venison, bear, waterfowl, and wild game at our Coleman meat-processing plant. After you harvest your animal, we provide butchering and meat-cutting services, so you can enjoy its great taste and the fruits of your labor.  We offer deer and bear skinning, cutting and packaging in your choice of steaks, roasts, or stew meat. We also process bear, venison, waterfowl and wild game into a variety of packaged favorites. Options include breakfast sausage, bratwurst, ring bologna, snack sticks, summer sausage, and natural casing wieners.

Safety and Quality Assurance

We guarantee safe and high-quality meat processing for Wisconsin sportsmen at our plant in Coleman, Wisconsin. In addition to our 20+ years of experience as a butcher and meat cutter, Wisco Meats passes all State of Wisconsin inspections and is HACCP certified (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points). (State Inspected and HACCP certified plant, WI-218) 

Looking for wild game processing?

Drop off your harvest in Coleman, Wisconsin.

Your taste buds will thank you.

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