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Eating beef jerky is a quick, easy way to get the protein your body needs to build and repair muscle. Beef jerky has the nutritional benefits of beef, which helps your body grow and develop. Beef is rich in B vitamins which give you energy and contribute to healthy skin and hair. Beef also is a good source of zinc, a mineral that supports your immune system and helps wounds heal. Plus, beef is high in iron, a mineral that transports oxygen through the bloodstream to all parts of the body. Because beef jerky is a good source of quick energy, it ranks high as a great post-workout snack.

Nutritious, Delicious Snacking Option

Wisco Meats Beef Jerky‚Äôs rich, hickory-smoked flavor and nutritional qualities make it a smart choice for snacking. Whereas other snack foods tend to be high in sugar, fat, and calories, Wisco Meats Beef Jerky is just the opposite. Instead of grabbing junk food with little or no nutritional value, reach for a piece of nutrient-dense Wisco Meats Beef Jerky. 

Wisco Meats Beef Jerky Versus Junk Food

Mooove over cheese curds! Wisconsin has a new snack favorite. Wisco Meats Beef Jerky is a nutritious alternative to junk food.

  • High in protein
  • Low Carb
  • Low Calorie
  • Low in Sugar
  • Irresistible

Purchase Online or in Wisconsin

Traveling to the Wisconsin Northwoods or live in Coleman, Wisconsin? Travelers and local residents can purchase jerky directly from Wisco Meats at 9607 Charolais Road, Coleman. Alternatively, Wisconsin residents can pick up Wisco Meats Beef Jerky in a variety of convenient locations. Wisco Meats also sells beef jerky online. We process beef jerky orders quickly and mail jerky directly through the U.S. Postal Service to anywhere in the U.S. We even waive shipping fees on orders of $100 or more.

Looking for something to munch on? Reach for a piece of Wisco Meats Beef Jerky.

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We guarantee that you will receive your jerky order in ready to open and enjoy condition. If your order arrives damaged, your order will be refunded or replaced! If you do not enjoy the first bites of any of our flavors of Beef Jerky, please do not throw it away. Send Wisco Meats the remainder of the package and your feedback of what you were hoping for, and your money will be refunded. Please contact us via email or call us at 920-585-3789 to get the return/refund set up within 14 days of shipped date.